Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance of your Organic Waste Composting Equipment – A fully automatic food waste composting machine that takes care of all your organic kitchen waste recycling and composting.

Operation and Maintenance contracts are a full-proof cost-effective way to keep your solid waste management system effective with zero problems.

Scope of work

Services covered in Operation and Maintenance Package are:
  1. Manage day to day operations
  2. Providing Semi-skilled labour to operate OWC plant.
  3. Garbage segregation and management on daily basis
  4. Supply of best quality supplies
  5. Non-Comprehensive AMC
  6. Quarterly visits by Earth Care supervisor
  7. Emergency repairs assistance
  8. Repairs and/or replacement of parts
  9. Arrangements for travel/transport of labour and goods required for repairs
  10. Arrangements for lodging and boarding of labour and visiting supervisors
  11. Arrangement of paper work and formalities for performing the operation and maintenance activity.
  12. Consulting on how to manage the solid waste composting in the best possible way.

We also undertake annual maintenance contracts of KWIK Composters.