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About Earth Care

We specialize in providing complete solutions in composting wet food waste from 25 kgs to 25 Metric Tons per day using our environmentally friendly fully automatic Organic Waste Converters.

Providing technologically superior customized solutions to align with the United Nations SDG#13 to take urgent action to combat climate change.


By 2025, reduce carbon emission by 1 Lakh MT per annum by installing capacities to process 1458 MT of food waste daily by designing and developing technology for Composting and Bio Methanation. We seek to build sustainable world-class solutions to combat pollution caused by food waste and explore composting through the lens of soil nourishment.

What We Do?


– Technology
Design and Develop Technology for Composting and Bio Methanation
– Bio Technology
Develop Bio Culture as per food waste to be processed Develop Bio Fertilizer from City Compost
– Services
Technical and Bio After Sales Service

Fully Automatic Aerobic Composters

Buildings & Townships

Industrial Canteens
Municipal Corporations

Daily Capacity

25 kgs to 2500 kgs

Annual Capacity

9 MT to 63 MT

Large Scale Composting Projects

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Screenshot 2022-07-16 131515
Municipal Corporations
Industrial Canteens

Annual Capacity

1800 MT to 9000 MT

Daily Capacity

5 MT to 25 MT







Global Installations




MT / Daily Installed Capacities

We are very satisfied with the service provided by Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd. and the Organic Waste Converter machine is running perfectly


We appreciate the after sales services and the technical feedback provided by Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd. for Organic Waste Composter Machine.


Food Waste Composting machine is best for household, society and township level organic waste processing in a good manner.


Food Waste Converter Machine is running smoothly and compost quality is good. We appreciate your instant reply and constant service.


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What is organic waste converter?

An organic waste converter is a machine used for the treatment and recycling of organic waste or wet garbage. A converter is a self-contained system capable of performing micro-organism based composting in controlled conditions. This technology has found applications in diverse waste-producing industrial segments. Hospitals, clinics, municipal waste facilities, farms, slaughterhouses, supermarkets, ports, sea vessels and airports are the primary beneficiaries of on-site waste conversion.
Organic Waste Converter Technology is an environmentally friendly alternative to other traditional means of waste disposal that includes incineration, plasma arc and landfill dumping. Organic Waste Converter results in a small carbon footprint, thus avoiding polluting emissions into the atmosphere and resulting in a usable end product such as biofuel, soil compost or building material.

Why is food waste a problem?

Food waste landfills are one of the largest man-made sources of methane and H2S (a strong greenhouse gas). Once thrown into a landfill, food waste does not decompose and instead, adds to the toxic soup in the landfill.
Our food waste contains a huge amount of valuable nutrients that should be returned to the soil as compost, which enriches it and helps to grow more food. It is such a natural simple cycle that our ‘developed’ world has lost sight of. Kwik Composter Machine is an ideal solution as it allows us to keep value in our own food ‘waste’.
Laziness and convenience have encouraged people to see leftover food as ‘waste’ but we need to change this view. Composting needs to become the norm for all our society’s food waste.

Which type of machines are available?

Structural integrity is an engineering field that plays a fundamental part of ensuring that structures are fit to do what they are designed under normal operational conditions.

If you have a technical inquiry, please contact our
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