Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Organic Waste Composter manufacturer in India who also offers assistance in your Environmental Clearance Activities. We can work with your EC consultant regarding organic waste converter capacity calculations.


We have two types of AMC packages


Comprehensive AMC
This type of maintenance contract rate is inclusive of cost of spares and labour and all taxes and transport. It’s all inclusive rate.

Non-Comprehensive AMC
This type of maintenance contract is a flat rate for the support and service provided to the customer, cost of spares, taxes and transport is charged extra at actual.

Scope Of Work

  • Planning of organic waste management system for your site
  • Design and layout drawing as per the site requirements
  • Capacity calculations, commercial or residential per PAC calculations based on government standards.
  • Attend EC meetings for OWC

In addition to assistance in environmental clearance, your contract includes eligibility for discounts in the final order bookings of KWIK Composters.
Our design engineers help in layout planning and pre-installations visits as per the site requirement of the customer.

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