KWIK Composter Premium (KCE)

Premium “Smart” Organic Waste Converters for aerobic composting with the latest technology of IOT

KWIK Composter Premium (KCE) is a fully automatic biomechanical Composter that uses sustainable microorganisms-based technology. It converts segregated organic waste into nitrogen-rich compost.

This variant ranges from KCE 20 to KCE2500 and comes with an inbuilt hopper with terminator and HMI digital display. It can be modified with a number of options of
feeder and shredder system as per the type of food waste and collection system.

The working principle of KC and KCE is similar. The primary difference between the two is accessories & the material of construction.


Why use composters? What is the problem that they solve?

KWIK Composter can be used any place where there is more than 25kgs of food waste to be processed. Typical installations of composters can be done in landfills, industrial canteens, housing communities, hotels, malls, hospitals, educational institutions.

  • When you compost, you not only reduce the burden on a landfill but also improve soil to grow better food
  • Composting will also prevent production of harmful GHG emissions (greenhouse gases).
  • City waste composting would generate employment in urban areas and enhance the livelihoods of waste managers.
  • Reduce Waste transport Costs
  • Create revenue from selling of City compost. Environmentally sustainable cycle.
  • Being eligible for Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Being eligible to earn credits for LEED,BREEAM and Green Buildings

Type of Waste Handled


Household kitchen food waste, Bread.
Bread & Bakery items.
Vegetables, Fruits and their skins
Cooked uncooked meat, bones & eggshells.
Garden waste, flowers, leaves, shrubs.
Rotten Vegetables & Temple offerings


Glass & Metal items
Coconut Shells
Pharmaceuticals, Newspaper & Magazines
Plastic bags and bottles
Dog/Cat dropping
Sanitary pads/ Nappies

A. Composting Chamber
B. Hopper for Automatic Feeder
C. IOT-Based Control Panel
D. De-odorizing Unit
F. Rollers
G. Power Transmission Unit
H. Outlet
I. Main Power Supply Socket
J. Composting Chamber Inspection Window
K. Lifting Hook

KCE Models Dimensions HP
Length in mm Width in mm Height in mm Connected  load in HP
KCE 2500 12548 2584 3100.8 11.37
KCE 2000 10548 2584 3100.8 11.37
KCE 1600 9358 2584 3100.8 11.37
KCE 1200 9358 2340 2808 7.64
KCE 1000 7858 2340 2808 7.64
KCE 800 7352 2210 2652 7.64
KCE 600 5852 2210 2652 3.91
KCE 500 5344 2186 2623.2 3.91
KCE 350/400 5144 1918.8 2302.56 3.91
KCE 220 4432 1802 2162.4 2.418
KCE 165 4552 1610 1932 1.672
KCE 100 3336 1452.8 1743.36 0.926
KCE 50 2732 1202 1442.4 0.926
KCE 30 2732 937 1124.4 0.926

* Dimensions may change as per the modification

Key Benefits

  • Fully Automotive bio-mechanical composter
  • Very pleasant ambiance with zero or no odour
  • negligible maintenance cost
  • low footprint consumes less space
  • no additional curing required
  • In-vessel single compact process
Screenshot 2022-07-16 114029

* Segregation is required in heater based KWIK Composter Accelerators.
** Typical waste type is municipal waste, only rice, only apples, fish markets, meats.


Comparison of Earth Care Product Models

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