Annual maintenance contract for your Organic Waste composter – A fully automatic waste composting machine that takes care of all your organic kitchen waste.

Annual maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your KWIK Composter up-to-date and effective.

We have two types of AMC packages

Comprehensive AMC
This type of maintenance contract rate is inclusive of cost of spares and labour and all taxes and transport. It’s all inclusive rate.

Non-Comprehensive AMC
This type of maintenance contract is a flat rate for the support and service provided to the customer, cost of spares, taxes and transport is charged extra at actual.

Scope Of Work

  • Annual Maintenance Cost
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs and/or replacement of parts
  • Submitting service report of work activity carried out and getting it duly verified from the customer.
  • Arrangements for travel/transport of labour and goods required for repairs
  • Arrangements for lodging and boarding
  • Emergency visits
  • Consulting on how to manage the solid waste composting in the best possible way

In addition to completing all maintenance requests, your contract includes:

  1. Quarterly Machine Check: Includes internal and external inspection of all machine parts and overall function check of the machine.
  2. Unlimited Phone Support: Includes unlimited phone support for any queries or operational assistance required.
  3. Training: Unlimited Free training to team to operate the machine using the Standard Operating Procedure.

Turn-around Time in KWIK Composter Maintenance visits:
If machine maintenance complaints are submitted, the maximum turnaround time by our team is 48 hours (anywhere in India).

We also undertake complete operation and maintenance of your Organic Waste Converter or to say your Solid Waste Management System.

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