ln-Situ Wet waste process

In-situ means in its original place. ln situ bioremediation is the application of biological treatment to clean up hazardous compounds […]

Why Process Food Waste ?

#sustainability Build sustainable world class solutions to combat pollution caused by food waste and explore composting through the lens of [...]

Industrial Composting and Its Environmental Implications

Industrial composting is a process, much different from the day-to-day composting that gets carried out. Just as one might assume [...]

Composting: A simple solution to facilitate the Circular Economy Package

SDG The Circular Economy Package, published by the EU Commission in December 2015, was a groundbreaking policy that Proposed an EU regulation to…

What Is An Organic Waste Composting Machine?

With such a huge amount of waste generated every single day both at a domestic level and industrial level, it […]

Waste Management A Problem & Organic Waste Composters A Solution

Imagine waking up to a world that is free of trash and other forms of debris. Your basic understanding of […]

How Do I Segregate Organic Waste

What is organic waste? The biodegradable waste, such as the remaining of animals and plants, disposed of as garbage, is […]

What Are The Types Of Composting?

What is compost, and what are the benefits of composting? Well, compost is to put just decayed organic matter, and […]

How Organic Waste Converted Into Compost

The parts of plants and animals that are disposed of and treated as waste, which are biodegradable is known as […]

How Does Organic Waste Composter Work

All natural environments have a carrying capacity. Whenever the carrying capacity is exceeded there is a strain on the environment. […]

Organic Waste Converter Specifications

In a world that continues to get more and more polluted by the day, we as citizens of the world, […]

Large Scale Industrial Composting Equipment

The Problem with Organic Waste Disposal Here at Earth Care Equipments Pvt Ltd., we see waste processing as not only […]

Organic Waste Converters Machines Manage Bulk Waste

Commonly people cannot think of how must waste they are producing every day. In every household every day, at least […]

Organic Waste Composting Process

Organic waste composting process refers to a sequence of steps by which organic waste materials such as leaves, grass, fruits, […]

Food Waste Management In Hotels & Restaurants

Considering the nature of their work, hotels and restaurants are bound to generate considerable amounts of food waste. This certainly […]

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