Organic Waste Composter (without heaters)

The KWIK Composter is an automatic Bio-Mechanical Composter and an ongoing Organic Waste Converter. It employs a tried-and-tested, sustainable technology based on microorganisms. This Organic Waste Composter transforms the organic waste input into nitrogen-rich compost, significantly reducing its volume to nearly 80% of the original. Organic waste encompasses kitchen scraps and any biodegradable material from plants or animals.

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Why use composters? What is the problem that they solve?

The KWIK Composter is suitable for locations with over 25 kilograms of food waste for processing. It can be readily installed in various settings, including landfills, industrial canteens, residential communities, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutions in Mumbai.

  • Utilizing a kitchen waste compost machine not only eases the strain on landfills but also enriches the soil for better crop growth.
  • Composting through a wet waste composting machine effectively curbs the release of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Implementing organic waste shredding machines for city waste composting can bolster urban employment opportunities and improve waste management livelihoods.
  • Reducing waste transport costs is a practical outcome of setting up a waste compost plant.
  • A waste compost plant can yield revenue through the sale of city compost, fostering an environmentally sustainable cycle.
  • Embracing this approach aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, making it an eligible choice.
  • It also positions one to earn credits for LEED, BREEAM, and Green Building certifications, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Additionally, Mumbai boasts some of the top organic waste converter manufacturers in the industry.

Features of KWIK Composter

  • Fully Automatic Organic Waste Composter and easy to operate
  • Silent and odorless
  • Proven and sustainable
  • 100% segregation may not be required
  • The compost produced is nitrogen-rich
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Widespread satisfied client base
  • Recommended by MOEF and Environment Clearance Committee
  • Approved by Mumbai Municipal Corporation

KC Models

KC MODELS Dimensions Connected  load in HP
Length(mm) width(mm) Height(mm)
KC 2500          12,548.0             2,584.0             3,100.8             11.370
KC 2000          10,548.0             2,584.0             3,100.8             11.370
KC 1600             9,358.0             2,584.0             3,100.8             11.370
KC 1200             9,358.0             2,340.0             2,808.0                7.640
KC 1000             7,858.0             2,340.0             2,808.0                7.640
KC 800             7,352.0             2,210.0             2,652.0                7.640
KC 600             5,852.0             2,210.0             2,652.0                3.910
KC 500             5,344.0             2,186.0             2,623.2                3.910
KC 350/400             5,144.0             1,918.8             2,302.6                3.910
KC 220             4,432.0             1,802.0             2,162.4                2.418
KC 165             4,552.0             1,610.0             1,932.0                1.672
KC 100             3,336.0             1,452.8             1,743.4                0.926
KC50             2,732.0             1,202.0             1,442.4                0.926
KC 30             2,732.0                937.0             1,124.4                0.926

* Dimensions may change as per the modification

Screenshot 2022-07-16 114029

* Segregation is required in heater based KWIK Composter Accelerators.
** Typical waste type is municipal waste, only rice, only apples, fish markets, meats.

Comparison of Earth Care Product Models

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