Organic Waste Converter Specifications

In a world that continues to get more and more polluted by the day, we as citizens of the world, have to take it upon us to ensure that we are doing our best to help beat it back, to the best of our abilities. The principles of the Circular Economy focus on reducing the amount of waste and pollution. Given the current state of the world, with climate change becoming a greater reality with every passing day, we have to start taking our waste problem more seriously. With the waste in the world increasing every day, this is the need of the hour.

Keeping this in mind, we at Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd. have designed industrial organic waste converters to dispose of everyday waste in an environment-friendly manner.

Let us understand what an organic waste converter is and what it does. An organic waste converter is a one-stop solution for wet waste. It is an independent unit that is capable of treating and recycling organic waste. It takes in waste and, with the use of microorganisms, composts it; under controlled conditions, all on its own. This technology has found favor with many waste generators such as hospitals, supermarkets, and so on.

Further, this technology is a beautiful alternative to conventional waste disposal mechanisms such as the use of landfills or burning. Both of these methods cause environmental harm. However, the use of organic waste converters is environment-friendly, as it has a much lower carbon footprint, and its end product are valuable goods such as bio-fuel.

There are different ways of dealing with waste, such as shredding, composting, and so on. Shredding involves cutting or dividing into small pieces the waste that needs to be disposed of, to make it easier to deal with. We at Earth Care Equipments manufacture the efficient Kwik Shredder. It comes in two capacities. One can process up to 300 kg a day, and the other can process 600 kg per day. Both these machines are capable of reducing the waste to a size of up to 8 to 10mm. Shredding is an integral part of the waste disposal process as it reduces the volume of the garbage, thus making it easier to transport and for processing it further. 

It is important to note here that waste that has been shredded shall decompose faster than waste that has not been shredded. Further, shredders are also used to recycle goods such as paper. This being said, a shredder is not compulsory, but it helps to reduce the volume of the waste, which goes a long way in facilitating decomposition. 

Now, let us look at composting. The decomposition of organic waste, such as food by microorganisms, to convert it into humus, is known as composting. There are many reasons why composting is helpful. It helps in nourishing the soul with nutrients; it is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of waste. Now, we at Earth Care Equipments have developed the KWIK composter. It is an entirely automatic Biomechanical composter and uses microorganism based technology to convert waste.

This product turns the garbage that is put into it to compost that is rich in nitrogen and retains about 80 percent of the volume of the original waste.

There are many features of the Kwik Composter. In addition to being fully automatic and simple to use, it is a quiet machine that does a great job of being odorless. We have carried out extensive research to create this product. Our research, combined with the experience of our customers, tells us that this product is sustainable and efficient. Further, it does not require waste to be wholly or 100 percent segregated. Our Kwik Composter is easy to maintain and cheap to operate.

It has even been recommended by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Environment Clearance Committee as well as the Pune Municipal Corporation. The product is available in different composting capacities, starting from 50 kilograms per day, going up to 2000 kilograms per day. 

It is not always possible for all our customers, given their diverse backgrounds and industries, to have space and time to install a big and bulky organic waste converter. For them, we have developed the Kwik Composter Accelerator. This unique product is a compact organic waste converter that comes equipped with heaters. This converter hastens the process of composting. It is an affordable option and reduces the cost of operation. It is easy to maintain, is fully automatic and compact too.

This machine requires a complete segregation of waste. It is available in several composting capacities, starting from 30 kilograms a day to 1000 kilograms a day. 

Last but not least, we have the RTCT or the Re-Engineered Traditional Composting Technology, which is aimed at composting waste on a large scale while being environmentally friendly. This product is extremely energy efficient and has a small carbon footprint, especially given the magnitude of the task it is performing. It can be easily installed as it does not have ample space requirements. It is a one-stop solution as it takes care of all the stages of the process right from segregation, to the shredding of waste and finally to the composting. Despite performing all of these functions, the operating costs are low.

It includes air filtration; it treats leachates, and even filters the stale air inside the machine before releasing it. The products created can be sold as recyclable materials. 

With the use of organic waste converters, waste can be treated in an environment-friendly manner. It can even be used to create useful products such as biofuel and manure that can be sold further. Organic waste converters are a complete solution to the problem of wet waste, and they treat it effectively. They are also energy efficient and time-saving. We at Earth Care Equipments believe that eco-friendly waste disposal is the need of the hour, and doing this can go a long way in helping us deal with our massive waste management issue. Please feel free to reach us for any queries or doubts you may have.

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