Shredder for Garden Waste: Garden Shredder

Earth Care Equipments Pvt. Ltd have stepped up their efforts in composting garden waste by innovating relevant accessories to their various types of waste composting machines. Key among the accessories is garden waste shredders that are tailored to reducing particle size and volume of the waste in order to facilitate effective and efficient composting.

Some of the machines that the company has already released to the market for purposes of shredding garden waste include:

Kwik Shredder 300 (KS 300)

This particular garden shredder machine is a terminator model mainly used to shred various types of dry food waste, garden waste, bones, and green coconut. It has a processing capacity of 300 kgs per day. The machine is capable of reducing particle size of the waste to about 8 – 10mm. For it to operate, 3HP electric power supply and a connected load of 2.24KW is required. This shredder takes up space measuring 600mm high, 210 mm wide, and 700mm long.

Kwik Shredder 600 (KS 600)

This is another garden waste shredder machine intended for shredding foods waste, garden waste, and hard metals. Its material waste processing capacity is 600 kgs per day. For it to effectively perform this task, it is equipped with high torque mechanism. It requires electric power supply of 5HP and connected load of 3.73KW. it space requirement is 600mm in height, 700mm in width, and 1150mm in length. Just like KS 300, this model reduces garden waste particle size to 8 – 10mm. This type of shredder is well known for its high capacity, outstanding performance, low power consumption, and noiseless operation. These basic features have made it to be widely demanded across a variety of industrial applications.

Zap – Waste Dewaterer and Shredder

This is an advanced and a high capacity wet waste shredder machine that performs waste de-watering and shredding at the same time. It is capable of reducing the volume of organic waste by up to 75%. Ordinarily, garden waste and food waste contain a lot of water, which breeds diseases and causes odour. Through a vertical dewatering process, the Zap machine helps in reducing both the food and garden waste to a dry and fairly odourless matter.

The machine also has a flushing mechanism which maintains its efficiency at the highest possible level even when the loads are at peak. By reducing the volume of the waste, the machine also helps in reducing cost of labour as well as other costs associated with transportation and disposal.

Zap – waste dewaterer and shredder has a waste processing capacity of 400 kilograms per hour. It requires 200 litres of water, 3 phase electric supply, and its total connected load is 8 HP. The dimensions of this machine are 1300 mm long, 1000 mm wide and 960 mm high.

The following features are responsible for enhancing the performance of the Zap machine.

  1. It is an efficient model.
  2. It consumes less energy.
  3. It is good in reducing labour costs.
  4. Its operation and maintenance is relatively easy.
  5. It reduces the size of organic waste particle to 8 mm.
  6. It enhances the efficiency of organic waste composter.

Benefits of garden shredders

  1. They save people time and effort that would be used to travel to waste disposal sites.
  2. Shredding as a waste management method is far much friendlier to the environment than other alternative methods such as burning.
  3. They add to the collection of tools available for people who are serious with their gardening.
  4. They facilitate the production of mulch that can be spread around the garden to improve soil moisture retention and fertility.
  5. Garden shredders are much faster in the production of high quality, nutrient-rich organic compost.
  6. The process of making compost by use of shredders raises temperature to a level high enough to kill weed seeds. So, when the compost is used in the garden, there wouldn’t be any weed contamination in the garden.
  7. Some garden shredders function silently and they do not cause any nuisance.
  8. With shredders, people can produce useful wood chippings that can be used for a variety of purposes. One such valuable use is to fill up flower beds so as to conserve moisture, and in the process reduce the amount of watering required.
  9. Shredders can be used in conjunction with garden shears or chainsaws to cut bushes before the work of shredding can be undertaken.

Types of garden waste for shredding

There are many different types of garden waste materials that people may want to shred. Examples include grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, prunings, flowers, branches, weeds, plants among others.

If these garden waste materials are not shredded, they would possibly end up in landfill sites where they would be decomposed anaerobically (without oxygen). This decomposition process produces methane gas – a potent greenhouse gas that is claimed to be responsible for climate change. Shredding therefore helps to improve the quality of environment.

How to use a garden shredder

Most of the garden shredders drop the shredded material directly onto the ground. You will therefore need to have a collection bag to save yourself the additional work of raking it up. Some of the garden shredders have an in-built basket underneath it to help in collecting the chippings. It is advisable that you always wear protective gear such as safety mask, gloves, and goggles while using the garden shredder. If the garden shredder machine is not fitted with a silencer, then you should also wear ear defenders.

Most of the garden shredders have their feed tray at the top. This makes it possible for you to input the garden waste materials with ease. You will have to watch out for any possible clogging of the machine. Although it is not hard to clear the clog, it is definitely time consuming because you have to keep removing the safety housing that covers the motor. The machine has a safety cut out switch that prevents the motor from running while the cover is not in place.

Feeding the garden waste materials into the shredder becomes automatic immediately you start inserting. The motor will slowly pull the waste materials into its blades and as it turns, it pulls more and more as chopping and shredding continues. Incase you get an unwanted piece of waste material into the machine, there is a large STOP switch available for your use.

How to care for a garden waste shredder

For your shredder to perform optimally, it requires regular service and maintenance. The machine is fitted with multiple cutting blades that need regular oiling. You need to use it carefully so that it does not jam, and if it does, then you need to clear the jam immediately. Overloading the machine with too much paper is also not a good practice. The shredder’s waste bin should be emptied regularly so as to keep away any debris that may back up into the cutting blades. Any delay or failure to maintain your garden shredder machine can cause the internal parts of the machine to fail prematurely and this can result in an increase in repair costs.

Best practice care demands that you do the following:

  1. When you turn off your shredder, apply a thin layer of oil or any other suitable lubricant across the cutting blades.
  2. When you turn on your shredder machine, allow it to run for about three seconds for the oil or other lubricant to circulate and fully lubricate the cutting blades.
  3. When you turn off your shredder machine, ensure that you unplug it from the power source. After which, you wipe any excess oil or other lubricant from the areas above and below the cutting blades, but take care so that you don’t wipe the cutting blades.
  4. Always check the shredder’s waste bin and dump its contents into a trash bag to avoid unnecessary accumulation.
  5. Before you start using your shredder, always check to ensure that it is plugged into the power source. Shred a few pieces of garden waste so as to flush out any debris that may be trapped in the cutting blades.

For proper care and maintenance of your shredder, you will need to have the following items:

  1. Shredder oil or other suitable lubricant.
  2. A soft cloth or rag.
  3. A trash bag.

The use of shredder machines to manage waste in your garden is certainly convenient, saves time and money as well as providing an easy technology for waste disposal. Earth Care Equipments Private Ltd has established itself in the organic waste composting industry. It has developed different models of garden waste shredders. They are manufactured by their adroit professionals who use high quality raw material and progressive technology. The shredders on offer are designed to meet industry standards and are supplied with an option for customization.

The shredders have a robust construction, sturdy design, and a durable finish. Users of these machines stand to reap a wide range of benefits. They however have to ensure the machines are well maintained.

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