Want Swatchh Pune? Start with Wet Waste Solution

Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and is becoming more densely populated every day. As a result, the city is facing many environmental problems such as air pollution, water pollution, and solid waste management. Among these, solid waste management is one of the most pressing issues. According to a recent survey, Pune generates around 1,400 tonnes of garbage every day, of which only about 60% is collected and the remaining is dumped in open spaces or landfills. 

The main challenge for Pune in tackling this problem is to find effective wet waste solutions. Wet waste includes food waste, kitchen waste, garden waste, and other organic waste. Wet waste can cause health and environmental problems if not managed properly. It can attract pests, emit obnoxious odors, and pollute water sources. 

Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the amount of wet waste in Pune and create a cleaner and healthier city. 

The first step is to improve wet waste collection and disposal. The Pune Municipal Corporation has already taken steps to introduce a door-to-door collection of wet waste, which has helped reduce the amount of waste on the streets. Additionally, the government has set up several composting sites across the city, which are helping to process wet waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

The second step is to promote the use of biodegradable products in Pune. The city should encourage businesses to switch from using plastic bags and containers to more sustainable alternatives, such as paper and cloth bags. This will help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the city and make it easier for people to dispose of their wet waste in a responsible manner.

By taking these measures, Pune can become a cleaner and healthier city. The government should continue to invest in wet waste management, and work with local communities and businesses to ensure that the city is free of wet waste and other forms of pollution. With the right approach, Pune can become a model for other cities to follow.

Further, there are a number of organizations in Pune that are working to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment. One such organization is Earth Care Equipments Pvt Ltd, which manufactures Kwik Composters, a simple and effective solution for managing wet waste. The Kwik Composter is a self-contained, automated unit that can be used to compost wet waste in an environmentally friendly way. The unit is designed to be easy to install and requires minimal maintenance and operational costs.

The Kwik Composter is an ideal solution for apartment complexes, offices, and other small-scale applications. It has the capacity to process up to 100 kg of wet waste per day, making it suitable for a variety of waste management needs. Additionally, the Kwik Composter is designed to be low in cost, making it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable waste management system. 

By using the Kwik Composter, Pune residents can reduce their waste disposal costs and help create a cleaner and healthier city. The compost created by the Kwik Composter can be used as fertilizer to grow healthy plants and crops. This can help reduce the number of chemical fertilizers used in agriculture, reducing pollution and improving the quality of the soil. 

By implementing these solutions, Pune can move towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. With the help of organizations like Earth Care Equipments Pvt Ltd, Pune can become a cleaner and healthier city, while creating a better environment for its citizens.

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